My Philosophy

I love a good party. When I was a little girl, my dad hosted raucous, catered gatherings in our home. I was often assigned the task of designing the place cards, and I remember feeling each time like I had played an important part in making those special evenings happen. It was during those late nights, observing quietly from the doorway, when I started to notice the ingredients that make a party memorable.

In my opinion, a successful event is one that is genuinely reflective of the person or occasion for which it has been planned. I’m an avid hostess myself and, more than anything else, love when my friends and family tell me that a party of mine was so me. Events have a very simple purpose: to celebrate something meaningful. And that is also your job. My job is to help you create an event that reflects you, that you can enjoy, and that you will then remember fondly long after its fleeting existence is over. That is meaningful to me.